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Shipping Restrictions for COVID-19 (JULY 2020 UPDATE)

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Shipping Restrictions for COVID-19 (JULY 2020 UPDATE)

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The Toyota 86s from TAS2019

It's long due, but here's the blog post about our coverage of pretty much all Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ from Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 (TAS2019).

There are A LOT of photos so... enjoy!

86 Future Sport (Sano Design)

This 86 is out-Supra-ing the Supra itself! It’s rocking some 18x9.5 Rays TE-037 and has a 3S-GTE engine under the hood! It’s got a very sleek wide body kit and shows how wild aerodynamics can get!



The 86 from 326POWER was rocking their Yabaking Wheels and their newly released 86 Kouki Aerodynamics. Please contact us if you’d like to get a quote for these parts~



Varis showed up at the show with its Kamikaze Kit! It’s super wide and meant for racing. It’s not something we’d suggest for street… but man, it’s awesome!

As you can see, it’s all Carbon Fiber!

It was rocking some Advan TC-4 Wheels which are pretty aggressive looking!



HKS had quite a sober 86 for 2019. It was very clean looking and had something pretty awesome under the hood!


Kansai Service

Kansai Service had a very neat Kouki 86 rocking their new Carbon Fiber Front Lip and their Carbon Fiber Side Skirts! They also had just released their Carbon Rear Side Spoiler (for Kouki 86). The car was rocking a HKS Supercharger and Advan TC-4 Wheels as well!



Runduce brought the same car as last year and was showing up at Advan booth. It was rocking the Advan RS-III Wheels combined with their best selling Big Brake Kit! The car was also rocking full Varis aerodynamics.



C-West showed their cool Kouki 86! It’s rocking their new Front Lip and soon-to-be-released Carbon Fiber Mirror.

You can also see the nice new Side Skirts, Rear Skirt and Wide Front Fenders. The Swan Neck GT Wing is also a nice addition.



ACRE Brakes was here with their nice BRZ. It was rocking the Garage Vary BRZ Front Lip, Garage Vary Intake Duct, Garage Vary Rear Diffuser, Varis GT Wing and Valenti Tail Lights!


Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk just released their new Wheels and Widebody Kit!

They also had another more… girlier car!



Jun Auto brought their 86 Kouki with their Carbon Front Lip, Carbon Side Skirts, Carbon Side Mirrors and Carbon Rear Skirts.



We also saw some other 86s worth showing! I didn’t have information on hand to add, but please let us know if you have any question about them!

GT Cars





D2 Japan



We hope you enjoyed this very long and picture-heavy :)

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