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Souvenir from 2014 : WELD Japan (IRTB Toyota 86)

On a sunny day, I was driving back from Tokyo and saw a cool little K-Car parked on the side of the street. Back then (this is in 2014), it had the new Work CR-01 Wheels and I had to take a look at it!


Then, I saw a weird CIVIC (yeah it's a Civic) that had cool wheels on it:


And then I looked up and saw the WELD sign:


I drove away, but after some thought, I remembered that one of the nicest 86 I saw at Tokyo Auto Salon had a "WELD" logo on it. I decided to come back, just to make sure I did not miss anything.

Well, the U-turn was worth it. When I entered the shop, I saw this nice drift car on Work Wheels:


Then, I took a look at their tuning garage and their AWESOME 86 was sitting alone in the middle of it. Perfect to take pictures:


The car was INCREDIBLE. It was sitting against light, so I tried to take the best pictures possible in the quickest time possible. The paint was AMAZING:


I tried to ask the owner some question, but he did not speak English at all, so I just sent him many thumbs ups and lot of smiles.


Car had a very cool front lip and rear lip/diffuser + Voltex rear wing:

img8 img9

But this car was not only about the cool exterior, something was even better (and very shiny)!








The attention to detail was crazy, even the matching Work Wheel in the engine bay :


I asked the owner to start it up, with language signs that are easy to recognize and even saying "vroom vroom!!" and he did not want to do it "no no no!". I guess either the car did not run (show only), it was being repaired OR he just did not want to hear it as it must be hella loud.

The shop had a 2nd floor, so I decided to take a look:


It was like a crazy shop for RC drift cars. I'm really not into that, but I thought it was pretty amazing to see:


They also had a RC version of the car on the 1st floor (not the 86, but the other):


That is it for this post from the past. I hope you enjoyed it, it was seriously one of the most clean & perfect 86 I ever had the chance to see!

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