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Shipping Restrictions for COVID-19 (NOVEMBER 2020 UPDATE)

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Souvenir from 2014 : Auto Factory

During my first trip to Japan, after visiting D.Speed (blog post on this coming soon), the owner of the aforementioned shop informed me that on my way back, there was a shop I should visit if I like the new Toyota 86. I had never heard of Auto Factory, but decided to give it a go!


Auto Factory is basically a racing team who has close ties with Power Craft and Pro Composite (they also share many products). They are different companies, but I believe that R&D is a joint business. I arrived at the shop at around 9:00 PM, so please excuse the not-so-good quality of images.

The first thing you notice when you arrive at that shop is their legendary racing Toyota Levin rocking Weber carburetors and full wide body kit with SSR Mesh Wheels!

dsc_0703 dsc_0704dsc_0659 dsc_0714

The shop itself is rather cool with some entertainment:


It also has a cool and classy waiting room:


They are pretty serious about racing, too!


And they also had some cool parts to take a look at:

dsc_0709 dsc_0710dsc_0658

But let’s not keep this blog post to their cool stuff that they had inside, because what’s important is what was sitting in their garage!

They had 2 Toyota 86, one for street and one for racing. Let’s start with the street car:

The street car was rocking a Pro Composite Carbon Fiber Hood, Rays TE37SL and custom Carbon Fiber GT Wing.


Under the hood, it had their original Carbon Fiber Intake Box and rest was mostly stock.


Next to it was a pretty gnarly Caterham 7 that they use to have fun at the track:


They were working on a racing CRX and 350Z that night, too. Looks like they only accept blue race cars…


After that, they were pretty excited to show me their serious race car. This one, at that time (2014), was the fastest naturally aspirated Toyota 86 that’s in Japan!


It was rocking their original Dolphin Tail Exhaust setup which looked pretty incredible:


It also had the full exterior by Pro Composite with their Front Lip, GT Mirrors, Carbon Fiber Roof, Fender Trims, Hood & (one-off) Front Bumper Intake Duct.

dsc_0682 dsc_0684 dsc_0694

Even though the engine bay didn’t look like the most modified car, the combination of aerodynamics and engine modification made this vehicle first of its racing class:


The Carbon Fiber Trunk and Carbon Fiber GT Wing were also pretty awesome changes to help reduce weight and improve aerodynamics!

dsc_0695 dsc_0698

It’s always a good laugh when we find Engrish on the demo cars:


Well, that’s it for another souvenir post from 2014. Please note that the pictures are really bad because I didn’t have much experience in photography and it was night… but hopefully the next blog posts will be visually better!

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